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Worship: Agarbatti Stick  
Blue Diamond Pramukh Bhakti Imported Sticks

Blue Diamond brings you a new range of agarbattis 'Pramukh Bhakti', imported machine made sticks. On burning Pramukh Bhakti spreads a fragrance which reaches long distance and lasts long for an hour.

Packing: Home Pack / Compact Pack for easy delivery- 6 doz
Blue Diamond Fabric Whitener
Of dye based liquid blue. It is highly concentrated, mixes instantly with water, spreads evenly over the fabric & gives snow-white look even to old & dull clothes.
Packing : 100, 200 ml, 300 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml
Veniplast brings for you cleaning agents at your thresh-hold cleaning every article and giving it an ultimate sheen. Veniplast products are long lasting and non-toxic. Results can be glanced just after the application of Veniplast Products.
Glass And Household Cleaner  
Veniplast brings you Colonel a special liquid formula that cleans to a shine. Just a spray of Colonel removes stains & dust without scratching the surface, shine & sparkles all the glass, mirrors and surface in a jiffiy.
Varied utility: Use daily to clean glass, mirrors, lamps, laminated, furniture, mixers, fridge, music system, computers & even your vehicles.
More gain without pain :
Handy Colonel household cleaner cleanse and shines different surface with the click of a thumb.
Packing : Spray pack –500 ml. & Refil pack-1 ltr.
Safai : Cleaner & Deodrant
Safai not only disnfects but also removes unwanted smells from your home. Make your kitchen, bathrooms, floors sparkling clean & insect free with Safai. Just 20 ml of Safai in ½ bucket of water gives your home sterile cleanliness. For best result use daily.
Packing : 500 ml & 5 Ltr
Zip : Gentel Liquid, Lasting Fragrance
Zip liquid soap is smooth, mild and gentle on the hands, cleans them fast and leaves them soft, fresh and fragrant.
Packing : 500 ml. & 1000 ml.
Halogan : Super Toilet Cleaner
Halogen destroys the germs and cleans the toilet super bright leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. So, no more nose pinching Halogen comes to you in two fragrances.
Halogen Pine :
It has the disinfectant & antiseptic qualities of pine which gives cleanliness.
Halogen Floral :
The fresh fragrance of flowers connects you to the freshness of nature.
Packing : 500 ml.
Ultra Blue Diamond
Fabric Whitener
We are highly pleased to offer our new sheer bright whitener. The new highly concentrated liquid blue has a unique concentrate where by just one drop suffices to make one liter of fabric whitener. This export quality Blue Diamond 2000 has a refined strength of liquid blue that casts a spell on your white fabrics.
Packing :
Blue Diamond –500 ml. & 1 ltr.
Ultra Blue Diamond –100 ml & 300 ml
Blue Diamond Handy Pouch
Today purchasing habits of the consumer are following the use & throw concept along with minimum spending. Blue Diamond is also available in an ideal pouch packing of 10 ml. Being highly concentrated one pouch is sufficient for one bucket of water. We are proud to mention that fabric whitener in a pouch pack is being offered for the first time in India. This concept will easily uplift the masses and enable them to use liquid blue instead of powder blue.
It is copper-brass shining powder. It is used for cleaning and shining of old copper-brass utencils.
Packing : 200 gm multicolour print pouch.
Ultramarine Blue Powder
It is for industrial use.We are offering this powder to small repackers. It is also used for whitening of clothes, for adding in white wash, and also in plastic proceesing.
Packing : 25 kg. Plstaic gunny bag with liner.
It is special grade Hydrochloric acid used for cleaning of toilet floor tiles.
Packing :1 kg. plastic HDPE vergin can
Veniplast is in tune with this track 23 years which is it self of its product quality and Consistency. In this 21st century where quality rules poor quality products

Are dumped in a trash where as good quality product receive demand and in this Scenario Veniplast has existed which is a proof for our quality products.

Visits have been done Dubai, Hong Kong, China to study new types of packing and Design. We have visited all most all most all the exhibition sacross the India related to Plastic and plastic packing since last 15 years.

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